Wasn’t even



20170315_074013  I had an appointment June 21 with an opthamologist at the St.Joseph’s Urgent Care clinic again.
So here’s an update. So much has changed since my last appointment 2 weeks ago! We drove into St. Jo’s Urgent care clinic and I saw the building for the first time. Though I have been there half a dozen times already I have never been able to see it. My last visit I could see things if I looked and focused hard but the effort caused strain and a headache and everything was as if in a dimly lit room. I haven’t had a headache for over a week now! It was darker then and more warped and it’s so much better, now (still a ways to go of course). The light was so bright outside and I had a loud ringing of tinnitis and noises were very loud. All these symptons are getting better, praise the Lord! What answer to the so many prayers of everyone. So thankful for God’s healing mercies. The symptons are still there but settling and it’s much easier to cope. Honestly, I wasn’t even able to pray for physical healing. I just didn’t know what God’s will was but do know just being closer to Him and spiritually turning to Him is always a good thing. I am sure anyone going through a hard time has experienced this and what a blessing! To have to trust in Him fully, one day at a time, letting Him be sovereign over all. It was a challenge and at the same time He had a peace that did pass all understanding for me. I have no choice but to rest and be still. But we see evidence of His healing mercies every day, bit by bit.
The doctor was “tremendously pleased” with my progress. He said it was much better than expected and he credits the prednisone, of course. It is a high dose doing a great job fighting the inflammation that my body will continue to create in the body and eyes until it runs it’s course (they predict the next 5 to 11 months) with this VKH auto immune disease. Doctor sees the retinas in the eyes are continuing to reattach slowly, as the fluid decreases there. I think this is what causes the warped part of my vision and the darkness and the left eye being worse. The right eye is quite good. The doc continues to remind me this is serious and I am still very sick, and to be careful (okay, okay). So please pray for this healing process to continue on the fast track and for me to have patience if it doesn’t. I am doing a little more each day which, of course, makes you want to do more again. Please pray the medication symptons won’t be severe during this time. I don’t feel myself at all –I have way too mental energy but not physical (and unfortunate for all around I can’t stop talking).
So each day I am stronger, up a little longer, can see the computer (in big fonts, lol) and can handle the phone a bit more. We try to limit the day to half an hour events and maybe a visit per day. We are slowly settling into the new home — and purging! We absolutely love it here. God really did plop this home into our laps and knew much more than we did of our needs. We have met a few neighbours and are so looking forward to being part of a little community here. God is so good! Who has a verse for me to praise him? There are so many and I love your prayers, your support, voice messages, texts, cards and meals!!! It’s been overwhelming the love I am getting from friends and family. Thank you so so much and please pray for Al, too. He’s been a rock, a true example of God, and an example of Christ in his serving me. It is humbling.


Above, new April grandson and his big brother hiking with us at Balls Falls. I really missed them while in the hospital.  It was such a blessing to having visits from them.

PS. My next appointment is July 12 and we will let you know how it goes. Meal train ends soon and I think we will try cooking again. Thank you so much everyone for loving on us with the wonderful food!

In April we welcomed a new grandson! His big brother went hiking with us 🙂 It was so great to see them again after being away for so long.

I Just couldn’t resist including this pic below –not really whipping it with JC thoughWhippitgood


3 Responses to “Wasn’t even”

  1. Evelyn Michels Says:

    Good to hear from you Kathy, our prays for you will continue, So good to hear of improvement so far. I know from experience Prednisone has certain effects on people me its like a battery wound up in fast forward talk talk talk /no sleeping and needing to be busy,so try to take it easy you’ll get better God has given you strength to bear this .

  2. jdewaard Says:

    As hard as this journey has been, I am thankful for how God is using it to mold and shape our family. You have been such an example of what it looks like to truly rely on Christ and trust in him. We love you mom. To God be the glory!

  3. Coreen Says:

    Kathy this is amazing…and I and many more will continue to pray for you..Thanks you for being specific..for thats important too.

    Be still and know that I am God…..

    Remember–do rest…follow the dr.’s orders…..

    Your house is wonderful.

    God’s blessings in the days ahead..one step at a time.


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