A Look at the Rainbow

July 1, 2017

Ever feel so scared that your life was actually in danger?  In Mark 4 in the Bible Jesus friends, experienced boaters and fishermen, are desparate.They are crossing water and a storm whips up. And then, Jesus calms the storm. He is literally in charge of and can control the weather. Sovereign over all He is one of three persons of the trinity –Father, Son & Holy Spirit. He rules the weather! Incredible. On the spiritual side we know he can be called on to calm our emotional storms, too. We just have to call on Him . . . . but I digress . . . I wanna talk rainbows.

In Genesis 9 God says He promises (a covenant) to never again flood and destroy the earth. He gave us a sign, His rainbow in the cloud. “When I (God) bring clouds over the bow and the bow is seen in the clouds, I shall remember my promise.”

And I, personally, shall, too! Knowing he controls the weather and wants to share this loving reminder with me, encouraging me, prompting me to talk to Him, praise and honour Him. He deserves my thanks for His love and faithfulness even when I do not always feel that way.



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