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Health .. .Life really is a roller coaster

June 30, 2017

A little big recap for those that weren’t emailed personally earlier on. I had an appointment with an opthamologist at the St.Joseph’s Urgent Care clinic again.
The calendar of events was a like this . . .
May 13, we went to Crystal’s graduation at Liberty University (congrats on a job well done, sweetheart).Commencement-Ceremony-Header

That day I had warped vision and went blind in the evening, sudden onset of uveitis (didn’t know it was that at the time). May 15 we went to Rocky Mountain ER in Virginia, we said and they agreed I had a migraine. After a brain scan and spinal tap to be safe they said you aren’t dying so feel free to drive home. So we drove home.

I had headaches and darkness and hoped “the migraine” would go away. We gave up by Friday and went to Dunnville’s ER May 19 and they realized it was more a vison problem than headache. I spent the night on a cot, and they set up an eye appointment at St. Joseph’s for 9:30 next day.

It seemed simple at first, just a few special eyedrops needed. And then the words, “This is serious.” There may have been an expletive attached. The appointment lasted til 4pm with multiple specialists. It included statements something like, “It is possible you will regain your eyesight . . . scary stuff.  My retina was detaching from fluid and inflammation in both eyes . . . and I was off to the ER at Hamilton General for the next 4 nights.




Hamilton General Head

My home for a bit . . . they took really good care of me

I got a bed (that felt like heaven after the ER cots for the next 6 nights. A battery of tests in chaotic co-ordination with 6 departments of the hospital (Endocrinology, Opthamology, Infectious Viruses and Diseases, Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, if I remember right) began.  There were multiple visits of questioning, poking and general sucking of multiple vials of blood hourly it seemed.  Efforts to solve the mystery determined I have a rare auto immune disease called V K H. So that’s that. They put me on a high dose of prednisone and sent me home. I will follow up soon.

Biking Along the James

Loved having Maddie join us for the weekend